Business Owner Witholds Taxes from Employees' Paychecks and Uses It to Pay Self a Good Salary and Bills / Trevor Bauer / Trump's Minions Trash Desantis

23. Young Black Business Owner in Tax Evasion Case Has Misfortune of Being Sentenced by a Black Judge / Some Interesting Associates I’ve Had / Trevor Bauer is Royally Screwed: Wokeness Overpowers Facts / Trump’s Minions Describe DeSantis — and Not Trump — as Disloyal and Dumb

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In the newest episode of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeff shares the sentencing he had last week in Virginia of a young Black business owner convicted of tax evasion. Looking for a break from a conservative Black judge is usually a long shot in such scenarios and Jeff explains why. Then, Jeff shares some entertaining stories about some of his past associates in his law firm. Later, he discusses the absurdity of the accusations against baseball player Trevor Bauer and how the MLB (a social justice organization) has handled it. The episode wraps with Jeff’s thoughts on the state of the country and the tensions between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

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