Jerry Shargel

32. Some Funny Ivana Trump Memories / Jerry Shargel, a Legal Lion, Passes / The Bodega Clerk Who Stabbed His Attacker is Charged With Murder / Male Inmate Masquerading as a Female Knocks Up Two Inmates — and Insists Upon Being Treated as a Woman

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In this episode, Jeff recalls some personal Ivana Trump memories, as well as much more serious stuff: the passing of the legendary trial attorney, Jerry Shargel, who was the smartest lawyer Jeff ever knew. The case of the NY bodega clerk who killed his attacker is also discussed, along with his self-defense claims: this is a case no competent defense attorney could lose. Finally, Jeff notes the downside of woke policies as a trans woman is placed in a female prison in NJ and promptly knocks up two inmates — then insists on continuing being housed with women.


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