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33. Representing Tony Bland, USC College Basketball Coach, in Bribery Scandal — a Ridiculous Prosecution / Joe Biden Lies and Lies About Our Recession and Just One Demographic, Suburban Women, Believe the BS — Why?

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In this new episode, Jeff details his painful representation of a client he really liked: USC basketball coach Tony Bland who had his life nearly destroyed over a bribe amounting to $4100. The ridiculous notion that the Feds were going to cure college basketball’s ills is exposed, and the government’s greatest aspirations ended with a big fat thud: unless you credit taking down a handful of Black assistant coaches while covering for their white bosses whose conduct was infinitely worse. Jeff also discusses Joe Biden’s lies about the definition of “recession” and delves into the one demographic that seemingly cannot be convinced that Biden’s presidency has been a disaster: the suburban woman. Jeff is sure to dress them down.


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