Kay Flock Case Update

40. 2 Million Illegals Later, Liberals Decide The Border is a Problem — After 50 Are Sent to White Heaven, aka Martha’s Vineyard / Rapper Kay Flock’s Case Update — We’re Getting Closer

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In this new episode, Jeff discusses what finally took the Democrats to acknowledge our open southern border and immigration problems caused by 2 million crossings into America in one year: a plane of 50 Black and Brown migrants flown into lily-white Martha’s Vineyard. Now that this resort’s rich, white Democrat residents have climbed down from their chairs, perhaps a real discussion on immigration can be had. And Jeff provides an update on the rapper Kay Flock’s murder case: the prosecutor informed the judge of an online threat to her life made in Kay Flock’s name — just at the moment she’s required to rule on a motion to prevent the defense from receiving the names of the witnesses in the case — due to the purported dangerousness of the defendant and those around him. Interesting timing?

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