Iran protests 2022

41. Stacey Abrams Thinks the Ultrasound Was Created to Enslave Women / We Gave the Red Carpet Treatment to the Butcher of Tehran / The Craziest Case I Ever Had (Intro)

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In this new podcast, Jeff tries to figure out what Stacey Abrams was thinking when she publicly stated that fetal heartbeats heard on ultrasound tests are a fraud, designed solely by men to control women. But this isn’t her first bonkers opinion. Jeff also discusses the hijab protests in Iran and the red carpet treatment the Butcher of Tehran, aka President of Tehran received upon arrival in NY for UN week — despite his hefty body count and attempts to kill American politicians and citizens. Finally, Jeff provides an introduction to the wackiest trial he’s ever been a part of which included a defendant punching his lawyer in the face in front of the jury, another defendant faking a heart attack mid-trial, and a defense lawyer nearly causing a mistrial from his doodling in front or the jury.


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