Thomas Rachko

54. Very Risky Bet I Made Which Could Have Cost a Client Life in Prison / Palestinians Show How True to Life Fauda, the Best Show on TV, is / Tyre Nichols – Racist Murder or Just Awful Killer Cops? / George Santos Jumps the Shark with Hitler Praise

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In this new episode, Jeff recalls a massive and risky bet he made in a corrupt cop’s case which could have resulted in a life sentence without parole – but a great idea helped tip the odds in his favor.  Jeff also discusses the fantastic TV show, Fauda, and how last week’s events show how true to life it really is. Tyre Nichols was brutally murdered by five bad cops, but Jeff doesn’t see this as racism – or does he?  Jeff also believes that George Santos should be kicked out of Congress or put in a cage, either one – and a simple minimal hurdle all candidates should be required to meet is not praising Hitler publicly. Finally, Jeff discusses the ridiculously onerous sentences some January 6 defendants are getting while two bomb-throwing lawyers received slaps on the wrists from a conservative New York judge.


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