Uri Geller

59. Just When It Appears Alvin Bragg’s Indictment Is on the Ropes — Donald Trump Saved Him With Threats / Uri Geller, Psychic Spoon Bender, and Me

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An update on the impending Trump indictment: just as it seems political hack Manhattan DA Bragg is feeling the pressure for charging a former President with a minor misdemeanor case, Trump pulls a Trump and threatens Bragg and his fellow Americans with violence. Having clearly learned nothing from the fallout from January 6, Trump goes totally unhinged and reminds the country again why he will never get elected in 2024. On the legal side, Jeff remembers a long-repressed memory: a 1992 encounter with Uri Geller, world-famous magician, psychic and spoon bender. Naturally, Jeff said the wrong thing.



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