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64. Trump’s Florida Indictment: Incredibly His Lawyers are the Main Witnesses Against Him / An Ugly Case in the News and Why I’m Handling It

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In this new podcast, Jeff breaks down Donald Trump’s Florida indictment for mishandling confidential documents and explains why his inability to hire competent professionals may cost him his freedom this time, instead of just constantly harming the country as it did during his single term in office.  When his lawyers aren’t running to the press crying with their complaints, they’re creating the worst evidence against him.  Such an incompetent handling of an investigation is truly unprecedented and in Trump’s case, unprecedented too. The gory details are all here, along with Joe Biden getting a pass from his latest idiocy, all because Trump is providing a wonderful distraction.

In other news, Jeff’s Memorial Day weekend Night Court appearance is revealed to be a case all over the news last week, an incredibly ugly case that naturally has triggered an avalanche of hate mail. Jeff explains why he took the case and why he doesn’t care if it bothers you.


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