Assisted Suicide Client Has High Stakes Bail Hearing jeffrey lichtman

79. Judge Kaplan Hates Dumb, Unprepared Lawyers It Seems / Assisted Suicide Client Has High Stakes Bail Hearing / Dems’ Dual Election Strategies: Open Borders and Appeasing Muslim Terror Supporters

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In this new podcast, Jeff describes two court appearances from this past week, one before Trump’s judge from his defamation case and the other the detention hearing for his assisted suicide-charged client; a loss would guarantee his elderly client dying in jail before he even gets to trial.

Otherwise, Jeff points out the Democrats’ dual election strategies, present and future: altering foreign policy to appease Muslim terror supporters in swing states and keeping the borders open to ensure more future Democrat voters, regardless of the havoc each strategy will cause America.

Finally, the second installment of the musical interlude is here and Jeff practically begs to get sued.


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