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85. Jihad on Campus: How to Beat it Back (Including My Lawsuit Against Columbia University)

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In this explosive episode of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeffrey Lichtman delves into the disturbing rise of extremist activities on college campuses, focusing on a recent incident at Columbia University where Jewish students were targeted by pro-Hamas radicals. Imagine sending your child to a prestigious university, only to find they’re subjected to hate-filled tirades from supporters of terrorism, right in the heart of their college campus—a place they should feel safe.

Lichtman doesn’t just narrate the events; he paints a vivid picture of the parental nightmare and the ideological battleground that many top-tier universities have become. With tuition fees sky-high, parents and students alike are left questioning the value of an education marred by unchecked radicalism and administrative apathy.

As Jeffrey peels back the layers on this issue, he exposes the network of funding and support that sustains such extremist activities, suggesting the need for a deeper investigation, perhaps even at the congressional level. This episode is a call to action: for parents, students, and policymakers to reclaim the sanctity of education from the clutches of radicalism. Tune in as Lichtman brings his trademark fiery analysis to this urgent issue, demanding accountability.


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