Prosecutorial Misconduct Is More Common Than You Think - jeffrey lichtman

20. Prosecutorial Misconduct Is More Common Than You Think / I’ve Had Enough Trans News to Last a Lifetime / The End of Title 42: Democrats’ Plan to Flood America With Illegals / Mayor Swag Can’t Stop Masking Babies 

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In this latest episode, Jeff discusses some crazy stories of prosecutorial misconduct he’s witnessed over the years in cases in NYC, including the Chapo Guzman, Jimmy Henchman, and John Gotti, Jr. trials, and tells about the time a creepy prosecutor-turned bad fiction writer wired up one of his clients in an effort to entrap him. Trans exhaustion has been reached and Jeff will tell you why. Title 42 is explained and why the Biden administration is ending it, which will cause a flood of illegal immigrants into America that we can not even remotely deal with.  Finally, Jeff discusses the Staten Island case on behalf of toddlers’ parents who sought to end Mayor Adams’ masking mandates for preschoolers.


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