25. Alleged Boss of the Colombo Family Dies But Only After I Won Him Bail — and Denied the Feds Their Ghoulish Prize / Muslim Terrorists Appeased, Disaster Follows / Biden’s New Press Secretary / Roe v. Wade’s Reversal

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In this latest podcast, Jeff describes the lengths needed to recently get alleged Colombo Crime Family Boss Andrew Russo released on bail, even though everyone could clearly see he was suffering from significant dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The government simply would not give in, despite Russo being handcuffed by his ankles to a bed 24 hours a day in custody. The government relied on the nearly universal history of alleged mob bosses being denied bail – until this bail argument in October of 2021. Jeff also discusses again the result of treating Muslim terrorists with the racism of low expectations – by presuming this is all they’ll ever be and not doing enough to stop them, Palestinians again committed a terror attack, this time on Israeli Independence Day, leaving three men dead and 16 children without fathers.  On a similar note, the new presidential press secretary’s main qualifications are that she’s gay and Black and hates Israel; that she also has a massive conflict of interest doesn’t seem to matter to anyone.  And finally, the seeming reversal of Roe v. Wade will surely end with stuff burning down.  After all, isn’t that what you do when you’re “peacefully protesting”?

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