27. Inigo Philbrick’s Sentencing / Why Does Professional Sports Love China but Hate Saudi Arabia? / Jack Del Rio Should Learn to Shutup – Free Speech Doesn’t Exist in America in the NFL / Firebombing NYC Lawyers Get Nearly a Free Pass for Domestic Terrorism

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In this episode, Jeff’s Covid nearly chokes him to death but he manages to acknowledge that he’s over trips to Disney World – and a run-in with two orange cream Dole Whips might have been the catalyst.  What went into the sentencing strategy for art dealer Inigo Philbrick is discussed at length. For some reason, the leftist institution of professional sports loves China and hates Saudi Arabia, much like how Democrats love Iran and hates its enemies. The PGA and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio of the Washington Redskins, we mean Commanders, and his monumental gaffe of daring to criticize the George Floyd riots publicly are gone into in great length. And in a bizarre twist, two leftist lawyers who firebombed the NYPD are permitted to withdraw their guilty pleas and plead to much lesser charges, paving the way for a slap on the wrist.


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