Vinnie Gorgeous

37. A Wild Mafia Story About Vinnie Gorgeous, Which I Had Somehow Forgotten / College Loan Forgiveness Is Actually Racist / Another Trump Own Goal on the Mar-a-Lago Search

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In this new episode, Jeff was reminded by a listener of a wild 2005 story involving Bonanno Family Boss Vinnie Basciano which resulted in the Feds charging Basciano with extorting Jeff — without ever contacting him for a statement or interview. You can guess what happened to that charge. Jeff also discusses the ridiculousness of the student loan forgiveness program which only serves to transfer more wealth to white college grads than we’ve spent on 20 years of welfare and heating oil for truly needy families. Finally, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search disaster seems caused solely by his refusal to simply return classified documents. Combined with his longtime CFO pleading guilty and prepared to cooperate against him, are you tired of Trump yet? It might be time for a candidate who doesn’t make your stomach churn.


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