42. The Craziest Case I Ever Had / Mayor Adams and His Brand / Kamala Harris Wants Federal Hurricane Aid to Go To Blacks First / Jeff Bezos is Laughing His Ass Off

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In this latest episode, Jeff describes perhaps the craziest case he ever had: a conman, career criminal kept cooperating with the government and getting reduced sentences, even as the bodies piled up. Finally, the government’s attempts to hide his past ended with a single mother getting a bullet to her head in Staten Island. Jeff also reports that NYC Mayor Eric Adams is insane — he thinks his dying city has a brand, and takes a dump on Kansas. Kamala Harris has spent a career putting Blacks in jail, yet now she thinks it’s okay to give federal Florida hurricane relief to Blacks first because “equity.” Finally, Jeff gently points out that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ remarried ex-wife is getting divorced — and he has got to be laughing his ass off.


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