John Fetterman

44. Joe Biden Refuses to Tell the Truth / Senate Candidate John Fetterman Can’t Speak or Think Due to a Stroke — But He’s Leading in the Polls / Palestinians Think Putin Respects International Law / the Hells Angel Extortion Opening Statement Finally is Given

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In this new podcast, Jeff lays out in painstaking detail Joe Biden’s awful week in which he seemingly cannot tell the truth — yet a review of his history finds this is not a recent phenomenon. John Fetterman is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania and can’t seem to think or speak clearly due to a stroke, yet he’s somehow leading in the polls. Is this what we’ve come to? And an update on our favorite terrorists, those lovable Palestinians, who proudly describe Russia as a country “which stands by justice and international law” even as they invaded and slaughtered their neighbor. Finally, Jeff gives the opening statement in his 2012 Hells Angels federal extortion case which never came to be due to his destruction, pretrial, of the government’s main witness.

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