Kryie Irving anti-semitism

46. Kyrie Irving Isn’t a Deep Philosophical Thinker — He’s an Antisemitic Idiot / Kay Flock Legal Update / Trump’s Selfishness on Display

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In this new episode, Jeff explains how Kyrie Irving, fellow New Jerseyan, fellow Dukie, and Jeff’s favorite basketball player — broke his heart with his crazy Antisemitism: what Kyrie did matters and can’t be ignored or excused. But where is the outrage from all the players and coaches who wore the “I can’t breathe” shirts when George Floyd was murdered?

Jeff also gives a detailed update on the Kay Flock murder case: new judge and important motion to be decided shortly.

In other topics, Trump can’t help himself and screws his party once again. And Palestinians offer $5 to kill stray dogs — and naturally get a lot of happy takers.


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