60. A Case I Was Born to Defend: The Plot to Kidnap Iranian Dissident Masih Alinejad – The Sentencing and an Awkward Introduction / The Trump Indictment is Laughable – But He’s Still Not Winning in ‘24 / The Trans Community is Really Pissed

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In this podcast, Jeff runs through the Trump indictment: in 33 years of practice in NYC he’s never seen such a dopey one.  That being said, while he expects Trump’s popularity with his base to galvanize, Jeff predicts Trump’s chances of winning the next election to be zero, as he’s simply too toxic for independents.

Finally, Jeff describes a case that he first saw in the press and hoped he would get – and did.  The sentencing of the Iranian woman who unwittingly found herself in the middle of the plot to kidnap Iranian dissident Masih Alinejad occurred on April 7. Jeff pushed his way through a sea of Masih’s supporters and introduced himself to her, the purported victim of his client who was there to give a statement at sentencing. Jeff’s career has some interesting days, and this was one of them.


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