Jordan Neely

61. The Jordan Neely Subway Killing – But Was a Crime Committed? / Ed Sheeran Copyright Case: Not Every Lawyer Knows the Rules of Evidence / The Trump Civil Case Was a Case I Thought Couldn’t Be Lost

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In this new episode, Jeff breaks down what occurred on the subway as Jordan Neely was killed.  Any way you look at it, no matter how emotionally invested you are in the case, the Marine who intervened when a violent, crazy homeless person began accosting passengers did not commit a crime. Jeff also looks at the Ed Sheeran copyright infringement case brought by the family of the “Let’s Get it On” writer.  Not only do the two songs sound almost nothing alike, but somehow the plaintiff’s lawyer doesn’t know the Rules of Evidence. Naturally, the case ended in an epic disaster for the plaintiff. Finally, Jeff discusses the Trump civil rape trial, a case Jeff felt it was impossible for Trump to lose with almost no evidence and a wacky accuser. Unfortunately, the combination of Trump and a judge who is slapping around his lawyer is adding up to an impending loss.


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