Daniel Penny charged with manslaughter by Manhattan DA

62. Daniel Penny is Charged With Manslaughter, Even as His Fellow Passengers Thanked Him For His Heroism / Final Thoughts on the Trump Verdict: Obliteration and No Issues On Appeal

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Jeff discusses the Daniel Penny/Jordan Neely subway murder case in further depth now that the Manhattan DA has charged Penny with manslaughter. Despite Neely’s family attorney claiming that the proper course of action in dealing with a raving, violent, deranged lunatic on the subway is to ask him “How can I help you? Let me meet your need,” the first rule of subway is: do not lock eyes with this person, do not try to engage him. Incredibly, Daniel Penny risked his life to protect his fellow passengers and the passengers thanked him afterward. Do you think a jury will convict Penny after hearing from the very people whose lives were threatened by Neely that day?

And Donald Trump was quickly found liable at the end of his sex trial and yet Trump claims another “victory”: he’s just a sexual abuser and a liar, not a rapist. The pretzels Trump and his legal team turned themselves into in order to claim a win here are akin to his fantasy wins in the 2020 election, the 2022 midterm elections, and the civil trial his company lost last year: all Ls. While Trump was celebrating all of these wins, Ron DeSanctimonius was raising money for Daniel Penny.


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