Hunter Biden shower prostitute hookup

66. Of Course It’s Hunter Biden’s Cocaine and a Bevy of Biden Lies / Pinpointing When Society Jumped the Shark and Why Do Lawyers Lie When They Know They’ll Get Caught?

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In this episode, Jeff points out the obvious answer to the world’s most obvious whodunit: yes, it’s Hunter Biden’s cocaine and yes, this is like the tenth time he’s lied about his cocaine use. Why does the Biden administration have to lie to us? And why is a crackhead sex addict living in the White House?

In other obvious news, Jeff points out when society fell apart: the advent of social media. Jeff aches for the old days when lawyers actually worked hard at their craft instead of lying about their accomplishments on the internet in order to fool their victims into hiring them. Jeff finds some whopper lies online and they’re too close to home.

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