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80. I Hate Trump but Trump Got Screwed / Joe Biden is Appeasing Hamas Supporters For Votes — Can This Guy Ruin America Even More? / Update on Assisting Suicide Case / Two Musical Interludes: Velvet Underground & Big Star

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In this podcast, Jeff admits that although he is not a Trump fan, it’s simply impossible to ignore the fact that the criminal and civil trials brought against him were done so to prevent his election. None of these cases were serious enough that they needed to be brought. But they were and it wouldn’t be so painful if his opponent was even remotely competent. But Joe Biden has opened the floodgates to millions of illegals including criminals, terrorists and spies — and now we will all pay.

Biden’s foreign policy decisions regarding Israel are now wholly impacted by Hamas supporters in Michigan, a state he feels he can’t afford to lose. So while dozens of Americans were killed and kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, Biden is hell-bent on saving Hamas in order to gain the Muslim terror vote. Claiming that Hamas doesn’t speak for the Palestinian people is also an easily-proven lie.

Two musical interludes today: Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground and Big Star. Two hugely important bands that were ahead of their time. Jeff describes his dinner with Lou Reed as the time of his life. Using the urinal next to Big Star’s Alex Chilton was also a fine moment.

And lastly, Jeff provides a huge update on his Assisting Suicide case in upstate New York.


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