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82. Michael Cohen Found a Lawyer Dumber Than Him / My Week: From Chapitos in Chicago to an Easy to Anger Woman Lawyer / The Clash / Democrats Abandon Israel

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Jeff dives into the almost comedic legal saga of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, and his quest to end his federal supervised release early. Despite the steep odds, Cohen found a lawyer dumber than him and hilarity ensues.

Jeff’s week also ran the gamut from representing Chapo’s son in Chicago on Monday to being on the business end of an emotional meltdown from opposing counsel during a deposition on Friday.

Switching gears, Jeff riffs on the raw, rebellious roots of punk rock, spotlighting The Clash as the epitome of the genre’s defiance and the personal resonance it holds for him. Some fantastic music finds its way into this episode — including the song he plays in his ears as all his trials are about to begin.

The conversation takes a serious turn as Jeff tackles the recent violent breach at the Texas border by migrants, signaling the Biden administration’s surrender of the border solely for political gains. In short, our country has been sold out.

Finally, Jeff notes the expected abandonment of Israel by the Democrats. Iran is watching and the implications to our national security will be huge. For all these reasons, a change has to come in November — or else.


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