P. Diddy case lawyer

83. Life When I Was a Kid / The P. Diddy Case / Vanderbilt Handles Terrorist Students, Northwestern Not So Much / Why do White Supremacists Love Hamas? / Greatest Music Album Ever

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In this April Fool’s Day podcast, Jeff reminisces about simpler times and lemonade stands, a time before the internet and cell phones — and how kids used to learn about new music. Jeff opines on the over the top searches of Sean Combs’ two homes as he reveals he’s been hired to represent P. Diddy’s son. The government rarely fights fair when they have a major target in its sights.

Jeff discusses how two top American universities handled their Muslim terror students in diametrically opposite ways: depending on whether the schools want to protect the students or the terrorists. As parents, the choice is obvious where to send your kids.

Why do white supremacists conspire with Middle Eastern terrorists? A tale as old as time (or at least back to Nazi Germany).

Finally, Jeff ends the podcast with a bang: he reveals the greatest rock album of all time.


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