The Trump Guilty Verdict: His Lawyers Need to Stop the Excuses

86. The Trump Guilty Verdict: His Lawyers Need to Stop the Excuses / Why is America Filled With Muslim Terror Supporters? Why Doesn’t Anyone Seem to Care?

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In this podcast, Jeff takes to task Donald Trump’s defense attorneys who expressed their belief they never had a chance at trial. Does any high profile defendant have a decent chance in a criminal trial in NYC? Of course not — but that doesn’t mean the lawyers should give a lackluster, whiny effort. Clear, avoidable mistakes were made and yet again, Trump’s choice of lawyers results in an L.

In other news, the Biden administration and the Democrats are doing all they can to keep Hamas in power and to destroy Israel. Not surprisingly, we now have Muslim terrorists and their supporters running wild on the streets of America. As America goes, so goes the world and the global anti-semtiism is at a level not seen since the Nazis. It is becoming increasingly rare to find good people to do the right thing when it comes to standing up to Muslim terror and for America: Jeff examines this phenomenon and asks you to harken back to his Oct 8, 2023 podcast where he predicted this sorry result.



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