88. Sick of the News: A Return to Legal Battles / The Trump-Biden Debate Debacle

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In this episode of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeffrey Lichtman takes a trip down memory lane, recounting his teenage years during the Iran hostage crisis and his bold fashion choices at Spencer Gifts. Reflecting on his long-standing frustration with the stagnant state of world affairs, Jeff vents about the repetitive and disheartening news cycle that seems to never improve since his days on New York City talk radio.

Shifting gears, Jeff dives into a compelling murder case he’s currently handling in Queens, NY. A woman falls to her death from a sixth-floor apartment, and her boyfriend stands accused of murder. Jeff outlines the case’s core question: was it suicide or foul play? A trial awaits.

The episode also tackles the recent Trump-Biden debate. Despite his aversion to Trump, Jeff expresses his desperation, suggesting he’d crawl over glass to vote for Trump, as Biden is barely alive. Jeff lambasts the current administration which is doing all that it can the obvious fact that Biden is not fit for office. And a vote for Biden is essentially a vote for his far-left advisors, who are clearly the ones in charge and who have gotten us into this global mess.


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